Owned and run by Kathryn Watts, Evopr.com has been working with Midlands businesses from across industry sectors since 2006.

Kathryn: “When looking to gain new and retain business customers, quite often the first word that springs to mind is marketing, when in fact what you actually need is public relations.”

Do businesses really need PR?

Kathryn: “To be honest, the simple answer is yes.”


Kathryn: “Public relations is just that, we speak directly to the people you want to reach, helping you to communicate and build brand awareness of who and what your business does, and the products or services you have to offer. Working closely with clients is important, making strong relationships built on trust to deliver success, and as specialists in communicating business messages to key audiences and industry influencers, we can help you shape and create your company identity – quite simply we will help you reach more people.”

Through the use of editorial outlets (magazines, newspapers, broadcast), special events, newsletters and other PR tools, Evopr.com conveys your business messages, to your target audience.

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