Donning hats, gloves, scarves and warm coats and ready to meet Santa, the children of Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster with giggles of delight set off for a magical Christmas adventure on the Severn Valley Railway.

Nursery manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “Christmas is a magical time for children, and trains are quite the favourite, so to be able to enjoy a train journey and meet Santa at the same time was a fantastic opportunity and one not to be missed!”

The children at Little Trinity, from 2-years and upwards, take regular learning walks with their outside experiences then used in creative play and craft activities back in the classroom. As the nursery is located so close to the Severn Valley Railway it was an ideal opportunity to use their trip as a learning walk to the train station before embarking on their festive return journey to Highley from Kidderminster.

Miss Carter added: “The children had a lovely time with their friends, with lots of happy chatter helping to encourage their developing communication skills as they talked about road safety and our need to be careful as we walked to and from the station, as well as what they saw through the window of the train as we went along.

“The train ride alone created lots of excitement and giggles amongst the children but then when they realised they were meeting Santa and getting a present too, well it was hard to contain their excitement and squeals of delight, it was simply wonderful and a fantastic and fun Christmas adventure.”

Little Trinity Nursery children in support of Kidderminster Library’s festive Christmas Card Appeal have all been busy painting and colouring their Christmas cards ready for local people to enjoy.

Nursery Manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “The children love to take part in creative activities and this seasonal pursuit enables them to use their artistic talents to make their own special Christmas card.”

Every year the nursery take part in the appeal with the children creating truly distinctive Christmas cards, which are then distributed by Kidderminster Library to the elderly and housebound in the local community at Christmastime, along with a selection of library books to read and enjoy throughout the festive season.

Using a whole host of design skills, the children now have numerous Christmas card creations.

Based within the grounds of Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre on the Birmingham Road, Little Trinity Nursery offers pre-school childcare from 2 years of age, with imaginative play at the core of nursery activities helping to assist in the children’s hand and eye co-ordination, literacy and numeracy skills, motor skills and communication development.

Miss Carter added: “This annual activity offers the children a opportunity to express themselves and it’s lots of fun, whilst also helping to support development of fine motor skills as they practice writing their name on the inside of their Christmas card.

“Supporting the Christmas Card Appeal is such as worthwhile cause. It helps spread a little joy within the local community for those who may not be able to share Christmas with family.”

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster enjoyed a Halloween fancy dress party and disco with Halloween themed cakes and biscuits, carved pumpkins and lots and lots of spooky arts and crafts activities to scream about.

Around 40 children ranging in ages from 2-years of age and up took part in the seasonal fun, with staff getting in the mood and dressing up too.

Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter, commented: “The children had a fabulous time decorating and eating their biscuits and playing pass the parcel. They even took part in the traditional game of apple bobbing before taking to the floor and dancing at our mini-Halloween disco!”

Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster, which has over the last two months already raised and donated over £240 to charity, has formalised its charity giving by linking with children’s bereavement charity, KEMP for Kids.

KEMP for Kids offers support from the age of 5 for children, young people and their families who have experienced somebody close to them dying or living with a life-limiting illness, tailoring its support services to the child’s wishes and needs. KEMP for Kids’ one to one therapeutic work includes the chance to talk, take part in arts based and creative activities such as making memory boxes and jars, or take part in a combination of activities so that they have a chance to talk and explore their experiences and emotions at what is a very difficult and upsetting time in their lives.

Little Trinity Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter said: “We always try to support as many charity events as we can such as Macmillan and Jeans for Genes day, and we will still be getting all colourful and spotty for Children in Need in November.

“Sadly, many children will experience someone close to them living with a life limiting illness or someone who has passed away. Choosing KEMP, which is our local charity and the amazing work that they do supporting bereaved children through KEMP for Kids, we aim to get more of our parents and children involved as well as highlight what a remarkable service KEMP provides to families and children in our community.”

Looking forward to supporting KEMP for Kids, Little Trinity will also be taking part in KEMP’s ‘Light Up A Life’ campaign in December. Popular with parents the nursery is forced to operate a waiting list for its pre-school intake, with many more children due to join the nursery in the new year.

Gaynor added: “The message we try and get across to the children is to think about others and about how fortunate we all are to be healthy and have good family support, as others maybe don’t, and by doing a little we can all make a big difference.

“Focusing mainly on one local charity will mean we will be able to involve more of our parents and children in our fundraising activities and help to promote KEMP for Kids and the support they offer to children and young people at home, at school or through KEMP Hospice.”

Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster marked the opening of their new outside play area with a Macmillan Coffee Morning, inviting parents and carers to join them to celebrate and raise funds for the charity.

Planning began at the start of the year for the new facility, with work completed over the summer and offering a new external learning and play area with direct access from the classroom so that children can use it throughout the nursery day. Encompassing literacy and mathematical areas as well as a growing section, sand and water-play, mark making and ICT, and an all-weather canopy meaning it can be used in all weathers, it is a welcome addition to their existing playground which incorporates climbing and play equipment, role-play, mini beast and mud kitchen.

Wanting to make their official opening a real celebration, they chose to support this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning inviting staff, parents and carers to donate cakes and take part in a celebration raffle and raised an amazing £161.98!

Little Trinity Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter said: “Parents and children have been so excited to see the new area come to life, with the children so eager to go and explore that I don’t think we are now ever going to get them back inside!

“This investment will hugely benefit all our children for many years to come. It’s important to invest in the future and to ensure our nursery continues to thrive, offering the very best for Little Trinity Nursery children today, and tomorrow!”

Children at a Kidderminster nursery enjoyed dressing up in denim for this year’s Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 21st September.

Helping to raise money and awareness for the 500,000 children in the UK today living with Genetic Disorders, the nursery encouraged everyone to wear as much denim as they possibly could.

Little Trinity Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter said: “We raise funds for various charities throughout the year, and this year decided to join in with Holy Trinity School students to support Jeans for Genes Day as our first fundraising day of the new academic year as it is a wonderful organisation which funds a range of projects including providing nursing care, equipment, counselling, online support and activity weekends for children affected by genes disorders, so we know the money we raised today will be put to good use.”

Jeans for Genes Day is the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity which supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder. Money raised will help to fund the work of the charity and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.

All nursery children and staff participated by covering themselves in as much denim as they could and added their fundraising pot of £80.85 to that of Holy Trinity School’s £586.62 to make a grand total of £667.47!

A Kidderminster nursery has held a celebration ‘leavers’ party for children in their Red Ladybird class who say goodbye to nursery and head off to start ‘big school’ this September.

Little Trinity Nursery manager Gaynor Carter said: “We held a Leavers Party for children leaving us and starting school in September the first time last year and the response from nursery parents was so amazingly positive that we’ve decided to make it a regular event in the nursery school calendar.”

Based within the grounds of Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre on the Birmingham Road, the fun started with a celebration assembly with proud parents and staff members cheering the children as they received their leavers certificates, before processing to the nursery’s outside play and activity area and tucking into a huge Red Ladybird celebration cake and picnic.

Following the picnic the children and their parents headed indoors to enjoy Magic Russ and Dave the Wonder Dog Show, with the rest of the day spent having fun and choosing between role-playing activities in the construction site, mud kitchen, water and sand play and craft activities.

Miss Carter added: “A busy and fun day with forty children and parents able to attend as our special guests.

“Many of the children have been at Little Trinity since they were 2-years old, and some more recently, but they and their parents will all be missed. We send them off with our best wishes, and we hope, many happy memories.”

The nursery celebration cake was cut up for the children to take home together with a present for each child from the nursery.

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster were all smiles as they received their swimming certificates after taking part in their first competitive Nursery Swimming Gala.

Over 20 children took part, competing in four teams; Jellyfish, Sharks, Starfish and Dolphins, with the children swimming widths of the pool and jumping in at the deep end to swim the full length of the pool to the delight of family members shouting support from the pool balcony.

Nursery Manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “The end of the year swimming gala always provides a great deal of fun for all the children, their families and for our staff who have worked so hard to support each child as they’ve learnt to swim.”

Demonstrating swimming skills learnt throughout the year in the nursery’s weekly swimming lessons and having the chance to compete and race is a positive experience and offers parents the opportunity to see and give their support, with all children receiving a certificate for participating, a medal and the winning team presented with a trophy!

Swimming in several different fun-packed races, team Jellyfish was eventually crowned the overall swimming gala winner.

Added Miss Carter: “Swimming is a much-loved activity in our nursery week, so it is immensely rewarding to see how confident and self-assured in the water they all have become. There were lots of cheers, smiles and happy tears as the children competed, and what a fantastic time we all had.

“Parents really appreciate being able to see their children so excited and overjoyed at taking part in their first ever swimming gala. Well done to all!”

A nursery in Kidderminster has been enjoying a range of healthy foods and snacks as a celebration of June’s Eat Your Vegetables Day.

Little Trinity Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter explained: “The children have enjoyed taking part in picnics in the past and talking in nursery about healthy and unhealthy foods and lifestyles, but this is the first time we’ve held a week-long celebration of Eat Your Vegetables Day and it’s been lots of fun.”

Throughout the week the children looked at various foods both healthy and unhealthy, and received sticker awards for eating all their vegetables at meal times, and on their special ‘Picnic Day’ they helped to prepare their very own healthy snacks and made sandwiches and cut up all types of fruits.

Adding Miss Carter said: “Throughout the summer the children still follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standards for learning, development and care, with all our activities designed with EYFS in mind. Involving all the children in the nursery throughout the week has ensured all children have been able to be involved and not just those children who attend on a full week basis.

“Learning is fun, and they certainly had lots of fun taking part in our special Eat Your Vegetables Week!”

The excitement is building having completed the wrapping and labelling of presents as children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster get ready to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day on Sunday 17th June.

From the youngest children of 2-years and upwards, the nursery encourages children to plan and initiate their own activities, which then in turn supports and promotes their natural development as they explore through play.

Nursery manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “Celebrating special occasions such as Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for the children to simply enjoy being creative and have fun painting and making wonderful Father’s Day presents.

“This year they made fridge magnets, key rings and cards for Father’s Day presents. No matter what activity the children take part in, parents simply love to see what they’ve been doing whilst at nursery.”

With over 90 children taking part in this year’s Father’s Day activities, Little Trinity Nursery ensures every child is stimulated through group activities designed to both nurture and support children as they grow, with creative play helping to develop fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination as well as interaction with others.

Added Miss Carter: “We do hope all our dads love their presents and have a simply wonderful Father’s Day.”