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Castell Howell Extends Racking Safety System

After installing Rack Collapse Prevention's safety system into their dry stores at the company’s head office in Cross Hands in Carmarthenshire, Castell Howell have now fitted this specialist racking safety system into their freezers.

Castell Howell is Wales’s leading independent food service wholesaler, servicing the length and breadth of Wales, the Border Counties and the south west of England.

Unlike many other safety systems on the market that reinforce from the bottom, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system supports from the top, ensuring racking structures stay upright in a collision event, keeping employees and product safe.

Using cables suspended from the building’s steel structure, the system never impacts the structure’s integrity as any compromised rack-load never gets transferred. If a building's structure cannot support the suspension cables, then a separate steel structure can be installed to act as the support instead.

Installed in two of Castell's busy freezers running at a frosty minus 25 degrees C, the 300 racking frames at a height of 12m and capable of storing up to 3,000 pallets at a weight of 1,000kg each, took just five days.

Castell Howell Maintenance Manager Luke Harris commented: “Having understood its safety features and installing Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system into our dry stores, the obvious next step was to install it into our freezers.

“Providing a safer working environment for our employees, as well as the added benefit of helping to reduce our insurance premiums, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system ticks every box and fits perfectly with our proactive health and safety policy and interventions.

“The team at RCP were very professional and worked really well with our staff to accommodate our busy operation while keeping the install within the timeframe proposed.”

UK and European patented and designed to provide safer working environments for warehouse professionals, the system is installed in ambient, chilled, and frozen warehouses and storage facilities across the UK, Europe, Ireland, and the Western Hemisphere, and is suitable for earthquake-prone counties.

Rack Collapse Prevention’s Managing Director Craig Attwell said: “We were delighted to support Castell Howell once again and extend our racking safety system into their freezers.

“Their main concern has always been to prevent racking collapse risk and above anything else to protect the well-being of their employees.”

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