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Easter Fun and Bubbles at Kidderminster Nursery

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster are busy preparing for all that Easter brings with thoughts of chocolates, bunnies and spending time with their families.

Gaynor Carter, the Nursery Manager, said: “The children are enjoying themselves so much. They have been engaging in our Easter themed tuff tray and discovering the various objects and using words to express what they can see and touch, and participating in our number eggs activity that involves counting and exploring matching patterns and eggs, as well as many other Easter and chocolate related activities.”

Creating chocolate Easter nests, cards and baskets for their families to enjoy as well as having fun printing eggs and creating their own designs using various resources including bubble wrap, there’s simply lots of Easter fun happening at Little Trinity.

Added Gaynor: “With spring in the air the children are enjoying being outside and taking part in our Easter egg hunts around the playground which for some reason seen to be very popular!”

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