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Education Authors Delighted With Research Method Book Response

School co-authors of the Essentials of Research Methods in Education, Dr Scott Buckler, and Harriett Moore are delighted with readers’ response following its publication.

Said Scott: “Our intention was to deliver a book that would revolutionise research methods, provide a coherent, easy to follow framework from a contemporary perspective and to make the book as readable as possible using light humour, cultural references, and other random things that set us apart from the other everyday dry, droll, and drab textbooks.”

Aimed as a guide for first-time through to experienced researchers, those engaged in professional development, early years teaching, school-based and those in other fields such as healthcare and social services, Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre authors, teacher Scott and IT Operations Manager Harriett, began collaborating during the Covid-19 lockdowns initially utilising their respective knowledge to develop enhanced e-learning provision for the school’s own students, with their work then published globally and helping other schools through the Chartered College of Teaching.

Added Harriett: “I’m a firm believer that education is so much more than classroom-based learning, instead requiring a ‘whole-person centred’ approach, so I am simply delighted with the response to our book and for the numerous endorsements we’ve received from educational professionals and academics both nationally and internationally.”

The book has been requested by over 150 academics nationally who will review the book over the summer to add to their reading lists for the new academic year.

Endorsements include:

Dame Alison Peacock DBE DL FRSA, Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching who stated: “Education research methods can be scary and confusing. This useful text looks set to provide a focused yet very accessible introduction – providing useable practical guidance while also addressing the complexity. It should be an asset for both academics and practitioner researchers.”

Les Lancaster, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Transpersonal Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University and Director, the Alef Trust declared: “This book deals honestly and clearly with the myriad of ideas that students come across when they begin educational research. It is a ‘dip in’ book in which students can clarify the concepts they come across in other books and in lectures. Recommended to everyone from undergraduate to doctoral level.”

Holy Trinity’s Headteacher Pamela Leek-Wright commented: “We are exceptionally fortunate to be able to benefit from the insights that Dr Buckler and Mrs Moore bring to the school setting, supporting effective development and improvement based on validated research.

“I am delighted that their dedication and hard work is being recognised and would encourage engagement with this accessible piece of research.”

The Essentials of Research Methods in Education is stocked by all major online retailers, including Amazon, Waterstones, and Blackwell, and is available direct from Sage Publications. Essentials of Research Methods in Education is also available across Europe, Australasia, and North America.

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