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Holy Trinity Presented With HSBC UK Smart Money Award 2023

Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre has been present ed with the HSBC UK Smart Money Award 2023.

Holy Trinity received HSBC’s award in recognition of the role they have played in educating students about the importance of understanding finance.

Teacher Heidi Jarosinski said: “Ann Mulders from HSBC has been delivering finance lessons to all our students from Reception class through to our Year13 students since March 2022. She has been amazing with such a wide age range of students across the school, constantly delivering top quality finance sessions that are engaging and informative.

“For the support of financial education of our young people and to have taken part in such a valuable learning opportunity we are all absolutely delighted to receive the HSBC UK Smart Money Award 2023.”

HSBC UK Smart Money Award is designed to build financial competence through tailored lessons which are aimed at specific student age groups.

Headteacher Pamela Leek-Wright added: “Holy Trinity has benefitted greatly from HSBC’s finance lessons and delighted to receive this award, and we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to engage with such a beneficial scheme that is a critical aspect of education.”

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