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Industry Taking Note Of Rack Collapse Prevention’s Safety System

A UK company’s innovative racking safety system is continuing to expand thanks to interest from home and abroad.

Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is the only proven racking safety system on the market to eliminate racking collapse. The top supporting safety system, which is UK designed and UK and European patented, takes a wholly different approach to other safety systems available whilst creating a safer working environment for warehouse professionals working in ambient, chilled or frozen environments and ideal for any storage facility using pallet racking.

Rack Collapse Prevention Company Founder Craig Attwell commented: “With over thirty-years of food and storage industry experience we’re well versed at dealing with the everyday and the unusual in racking safety solutions.

“Once installed a damaged rack cannot buckle or collapse as our racking safety system stops the damaged rack from leaning past its point of no return and so removes any potential for progressive racking collapse, and in all impact events where it is installed, the compromised rack load never gets transferred.”

Exceptionally hard-wearing and supporting from the top instead of reinforcing from the bottom, in a collision event racking structures remain stable and standing, protecting stock, staff and removing the potential for significant business disruption. In addition the system is also suitable for earthquake-prone regions and is installed in warehouses and storage facilities across Europe, the UK, Ireland and the Western Hemisphere.

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