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Nursery Children Enjoy A Week In Space

Space has been well and truly explored this week by children at Kidderminster’s Little Trinity Nursery as they investigated stars and planets and pretended to be astronauts in deep space.

Little Trinity Nursery Deputy Manager Fabya Khatun said: “Teaching children about outer space helps to nurture their natural sense of curiosity and wonder, and many of the children are really fascinated by the universe, planets, and the solar system.”

During the week, the children in the Yellow Bumble Bee class enjoyed a range of space themed activities involving building rockets with wooden blocks, playing with the space sensory bin, searching the rice for hidden objects in the space ‘tuff’ tray, read lots of space themed books, and used a whole host of media and materials which also included an outside experiment on a bath bomb and looking at how it changed over the week.

Added Fabya: “Space week has encouraged friendships, helped to expand their knowledge, communication and language skills, creativity, and fine motor skills, and all on top of the fact that they were simply having lots and lots of nursery fun.”

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