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Rack Collapse Prevention Becomes Associate UKWA Member

Rack Collapse Prevention has become an associate member of the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA).

A much-respected trade association, UKWA represents over 900 member companies across the warehousing and logistics sectors, including manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, and some 200 associate members who supply products and services to the logistics industry.

Rack Collapse Prevention Company Founder Craig Attwell commented: “We are delighted to become an associate member of the UKWA as they are a pivotal voice in helping raise industry standards and improving warehouse safety through training and best practices.”

Rack Collapse Prevention is a unique safety system and the only proven racking safety system on the market to eliminate racking collapse. The top supporting nature of the safety system, which is UK designed and UK and European patented, takes a fundamentally different approach to other safety solutions on the market, whilst helping to create a safer working environment for warehouse professionals in ambient, chilled, or frozen environments or storage facilities using pallet racking, and suitable for earthquake-prone regions.

Added Craig: “Every project is either a warehouse or storage facility of some kind, so it made perfect sense to join UKWA.”

Installed in warehouses and storage facilities across Europe, the UK, Ireland and the Western Hemisphere, the safety system is remarkably hard-wearing. In a collision event, where Rack Collapse Prevention has been installed, racking structures remain stable and most notably standing, protecting staff and stock whilst removing the real possibly of substantial business disruption.

Head of Membership at UKWA Lisa Schulze commented: “Safety is always a top priority for UKWA members, so we take pride in building our network to include innovators like Rack Collapse Prevention.”

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