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All About Me!

Children at Kidderminster’s Little Trinity Nursery now have a new sense of self and individuality after their ‘all about me’ week exploring emotions, differences and their similarities.

Little Trinity Nursery Manager Gaynor Carter said: “All about me was designed to promote a newfound sense of self and individuality in the children and to help them explore their emotions. They thought about their best qualities as well as their differences without the influences of the outside world and we also looked at our faces and their features, and through yoga and mindfulness they were able to learn how to be calm.”

Encouraging self-reliance and to become independent learners, the children throughout the week also explored their similarities as well as their unique qualities through a host of topics, with their favourite being their bodies and what happens to them after exercise.

Added Gaynor: “It was really rewarding watching them as they explored their faces and their senses of sight, touch and smell, with some funny faces indeed when using their sense of smell. We also talked about families and the houses we live in, building pretend houses using blocks and talking about our favourite things.

“It’s been such a wonderful week and so gratifying to see them explore different faiths, lifestyles and each other.”

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