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Catshill Middle School Ready To Take On The Be You Programme

The Be You Programme, a school-based educational programme, funded by the Oakland Foundation children’s charity, is continuing to go from strength to strength as the new academic year begins.

Bromsgrove’s Catshill Middle School, building on the Programme’s successful delivery at Ipsley CE Academy School in Redditch, was successful in its funding bid from the Oakland Foundation to run its own student Be You Programme for the new academic year.

Catshill Middle School Assistant Head Kenny Hirst said: "The journey that pupils take when working with Steve is incredible. Growth in pupils' personal skills, that are so hard to teach in the traditional classroom setting, allows pupils to flourish in every sense, seeing just how amazing they can be and what brilliant unrealised potential they all have.

“We are extremely thankful to the Oakland Foundation for allowing Catshill pupils to benefit from Steve and his excellent Be You Programme."

The 12-week Be You Programme, led by Steve Boycott, combines on-site and off-site outdoor learning activities with a focus on raising self-esteem. Through teambuilding, leadership and STEM activities, the programme helps students become resilient to challenge, change and failure as they learn to take ownership for their personal development, which is then celebrated and showcased at an end of programme Graduation ceremony.

Said Steve: “The Be You Programme is designed to be supportive yet challenging, asking students to ‘get to where they are comfortable, and then take one more step’.”

The Oakland Foundation charity provides grants to support youth programmes for children under the age of 16 and their families through initiatives based around education, health and nutrition, and sport. The charity’s aim is to ensure every child, irrespective of social background, challenges or physical ability, can participate.

Oakland Foundation Grant Application Coordinator Debbie Roberts commented: “The Foundation is delighted to continue its support of the Be You Programme as it gives students the space, time and support they need from an experienced external professional.

“Throughout the programme Steve helps students to build relationships, challenge their thoughts and behaviours and which in turn helps them to develop confidence and belief in themselves, which is so invaluable as they move through their education to become young adults.”

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