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Making Swimming Fun

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster have been enjoying demonstrating to parents their swimming skills as part of their weekly lesson and at a special end of year swimming gala.

Often having their first taste of swimming when they start at Little Trinity, for children in the Yellow Bumble Bee room aged between 2 to 3 years, a lot of time is spent working on building confidence to be independent in the water, and with the warm summer weather and school holidays not so far away, being able to swim and have water confidence is vital for children of all ages.

Learning to swim is the only sport which can save a life as drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children. Swimming is also lots of fun and provides health benefits which can keep children healthy and happy, whilst improving strength and flexibility, increases stamina and develops balance, posture and helps children grow in confidence.

Little Trinity Nursery Manager Gaynor Carter said: “At Little Trinity children start learning to swim from the age of two. First, they learn to be confident in the water, and as they progress, they are then taught to swim on their fronts and their backs. They do have flotation belts and 'noodles' to help keep them safe but as they steadily make progress the use of these aides is reduced.”

Every year the nursery invites parents to share what the children are doing, welcoming them in to observe a swimming lesson and see the progress that their child has made, which is great fun for both the child and the family. For the older children aged 3 to 4 years of age in the Red Ladybird room, the children participate in an annual swimming gala with each child competing in team races and parents again cheering them on in their teams of Jellyfish, Dolphins, Starfish and Sharks.

Added Gaynor: “It’s truly satisfying for all our staff to see how much each child has progressed over the nursery year and just wonderful to be able to share with parents.

“This year all the scores were within a couple of points with the Red Ladybird’s Jellyfish team taking the win by just one point, and all children received an engraved medal and a certificate as a keepsake.

“Two great swimming events celebrating swimming progress. Simply wonderful!”

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