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Weekly Swimming Celebrated With Gala

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster took to the water as part of the summer term’s swimming gala to show families and carers what they’ve achieved since September.

Nursery Manager Gaynor Carter said: “The children swim weekly and have worked towards this the whole year.

“The gala is a fantastic opportunity for them to demonstrate their newly acquired water skills to families as well as experience their first taste of competitiveness as they strive to do the very best they can.”

Often having their first taste of swimming when they start at Little Trinity, the children competed in teams of Sharks, Jellyfish, Starfish and Dolphins with them swimming on their fronts and backs as well as having the challenge of maneuvering objects in the water before finally finishing with a huge splash as they one by one jumped in the deep end and swam the length of the swimming pool to roaring cheers and clapping from parents and staff.

Statistically drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children.

Added Gaynor: “Swimming ensures children remain safe when playing in water and provides lots of fun and health benefits, whilst improving strength and flexibility, stamina and develops balance and posture whilst also helping children grow in confidence.

“It’s truly satisfying for all our staff to see how much each child has progressed over the nursery year and just wonderful to be able to share with parents. It is always a great event and one that we all love!”

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